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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Some down time with Cookie

I know you have been missing Cookie, I have too. My family has been super busy since November it seems they havent stopped. Thankfully Winter is almost upon us here in the land of OZ and if you know my Mum, you'll know she relishes in a good hibernation! The cold season really only hits us here on the eastern coast (Nthn NSW) for about 3 months- just enough time for us to snuggle down and stay home.
I will post soon and show off my new coat and tell you a little about Pede (still going stong at 14 and a half) and fill you in on what else has been happening, but for now,, enjoy a few pics of Cookie and I.

                    Almost 2...yes she has had a few haircuts already!
Shes my little sister...
And Ill always look after her.

Almost forgot to tell you, my cousin Rocksta is coming in 2 days time to stay for a week whild his Mum and Dad go on holidays...just WAIT till you see how BIG he is!
                                                                         I missed you guys....
                                                                     xxx Major xxx

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Archer Music Blog: Monster Children

Archer Music Blog: Monster Children: "Monster Children"
A friend of ours and she has a cool dog too called Ollie!

Saturday, 19 February 2011

If I had to choose

If I had to choose one colour what colour would I be?
A thought provoking question...
So much riding on this one.
See? My puppy brain turned to mush.  I consider the seriousness of such gibber numerous times a day and this morning, settled on the floor amongst the meticulously arranged(OK, scatted) Cheerios's, I wondered if Cookie might notice if I flicked the channel on the TV over to the morning news.
Bad move.
She flipped her lid and threw a (plastic) spoon at my head.
Now, I didn't flinch, I'm tough and I know staying in this abusive relationship is necessary and no action I can take will benefit me, plus, as sick as it sounds, I like the attention.
My Cookie is 18 months old now and she hurls random objects at me frequently, however, I'm also lunged upon with delightfully full contact cuddles, in equal measure.
Yes, I love her still, more and more every day in fact.
I will watch Playschool and those edible looking Teletubbies for as long as she wants to snuggle with me.
Mum says my 3rd birthday is approaching, which for a giant breed equates roughly to Mum and I being the same age and although still kids at heart, we prefer a little culture and current affairs to ghastly bright toddler toones 24/7.
But back to to choosing my 'colour'....
Defiantly 'highlighter' yellow. You can't miss me. Here I am!

Monday, 20 September 2010

200 posts and my new friend

Meet my new buddy KYUSS
Being a Neo Mastiff x English Mastiff, I think he's going to be a big boy! Watch out world!
Congratulations to Tazz and Marra and thanks for bringing him down to have a Maj.
Kyuss was named after this band ....

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Our girl Pede captured on canvas

Thank you Kathleen for sending across the lovely portrait of Pede.

 My husband was studded and so happy to see it and our girls think you are just so clever and so do I.
Please visit Kathleen and check out her beautiful artwork. One very talented lady (and Clouds Mom!)
If you click here wonderful things will happen enjoy people:)
Love Majors Mum xx

Friday, 3 September 2010

So I said to my Mum....

So tonight I asked Mum, who is my family?
I think we figured out together that family are not only your blood relatives but the people around you who make your life better, the people (or dogs, sorry) who you couldn't be without.
Rocksta my Cousin came over for dinner along with his Mumma Aunty Jadie and my Uncle Johnny was here too.
My family are an interesting bunch and they are fun, very honest and I treasure them all.
Love Major