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Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Did she swallow a basketball?

By the looks of things Im going to be a big brother soon, woo hoo! xx Braisey

is it just me

or is Pede giving me the STINKEYE?
(Mum just told me not to be such a paranoid wuss...Pedes got a little swollen face action going on....bless, here I was thinking Id done some thing to really piss her off as usual:) xx Braise

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Thursday, 16 July 2009

Why was I born so beautiful?

Oh Oh Oh! I know this one....
Thought a bit of parent bragging might make you happy (who does that? I suppose the Brangelina kids will:)
So here is my real Mummy Tamzyn (Arndane Awsum) and Daddy Nitro (Arndane Stars inthedark)
And if youre wondering who is who (because I cant work out how to move the photos), well, I look just like my Daddy of course.
Lots of love Braise (Arndane Lone Star)

Monday, 13 July 2009

Its raining again

So I snuggle up in my bed and sleep the day away.
I'm dying for Mums new little person to arrive so she can play rough with me again and I've been thinking we'll have to get a kennel for it so it has somewhere to hang out while Mumzy and I play:)
Feeling a little abandoned and slightly deluded but since I'm equating food with love in this trying time,
I'm full and happily blocking out the loneliness. Bring on the chicken wings I say!

Monday, 6 July 2009

eye candy

Hello Ladies!

A non surgical procedure

Is something Ill never need to have.
Not with LIPs like these!

Shower anyone?

Back in the day when I was half my size (aged about 5 months old Mumzy tells me) I enjoyed relaxing in a soothing bath, being massaged and washed lovingly by my adorable family.
Then something happened.
I grew and grew. I would try to exit the bath gracefully but somehow I'd find my face flat on the floor, my legs still in the bath and my spine contorted half pretzel like.
Not pretty and defiantly not at all the graceful exit I am renound for today (!!??).
After repeating this a few times and Mum turning a paler shade of white at the sheer horror of her only son being permanently twisted or broken even, we came to the conclusion that a shower might be easier on Mum and I both (not to mention safer!)

So here I am. LOVING my showers, smelling like a fricken rose and getting the quality time I deserve with the love of my life!
So maybe Aunty Izzy was right when she said, " Tall people get it all". Hell Yeah!

This is Braise, signing off till later. (don't miss me too much) (yes I do have an attitude today, but, I'm tall, so I can:)