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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

In memory of Braise

Im going to keep the blog going.
A little update...
*The baby was born 3 weeks later, a week overdue, thank goodness, I dont think I would have managed if she were (its a girl!) early.
All went well, born at home in a pool in our bedroom, the whole family were present and the husband and SIL were hands on involved with the little ones in awe of their sissys birth. It was lovely. This baby has helped to mend my family's broken hearts:)

Braisey was laid to rest in a beautiful garden the husband created and I spent a day planting velvety soft flowers (like Braseys ears)with my little Sister. A place I can visit when Im remembering my boy x
With Christmas ahead, the busiest time of the year, especially in our family, we have birthdays either side, you would think Im crazy if I revealed their is a new family member arriving soon...?
Another big boy is coming to join our family in the early new year...stay tuned !