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Friday, 30 April 2010

Million Paws Walk

My whole family will be joining me to participate in the RSPCA'S Million Paws Walk. We will be going to Kingscliff and the day is about raising money and awareness for the RSPCA (Australia ASPCA).
Cousin Taxi and her Mummy Aunty Ricci is coming too, its going to be a great day.
Check out
And thanks for all the kind words about the book, I'll keep you all posted on its progress.
xx Maj


Sorry it took a while for me to telling ya'll my news, But, its worth it....

So, I entered a competition, but that's not the news.

My breeder, the most lovely Jessica sent my Mum a link to who is in the process of running a competition to find 100 dogs. Now don't start clicking your little furry paws on the site before you read the rest of my post ok?

Rod (THE pet photographer) is looking for 100 dogs from Brisbane, Australia. He really wants to meet active outdoor types. (Sounds like a singles ad doesn't it?)

Well I hope my Brisvegas homegirl Ms Honey is reading this cause I think you would be perfect.
Now Rod contacted me about appearing in his book and a short time later he emailed me to ask if I'd be interesting in WRITING HIS BOOK!
ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! no pressure of course.
Just a whole lot of excitement and giddy giddy holy bonkers this is the best moment of my life, right now this bit. The part where you just read that I will be writing a book!!!
Granted the book will consist of one-liners approved by Rod the pet photographer who has , Yes, asked ME to pretty much narrate his book.
This is me :)
Im smiling :)
Did you see it?
It looks something like this :)
:) and this one.
If you're in Brisbane and you want to be a star(who doesn't!) head to Rod's website and click on the competition link.
xx Major
P.S Thankyou my first Mummy Jessica for getting the ball rolling. I love you too xx

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Bleery Eyed and Sleep Deprived

So the usual routine here. Playing with my little people in the afternoon. Watching Mum cringe, standing with her fingers crossed while I eat my dinner (Mum says I have an eating disorder, I say Peh! to that, I just am a little picky O.K) and then LOVING having Mum's undivided attention INSIDE while Dads out for the night. After I helped Mum put all my little people to bed we had one last embrace and I settled outside for the night with my big sister Pede.
I had just started to have a fantastic "dream" about that thing that happened that one time before I saw the Vet and had 'that' operation that in no way detracts from my maleness or manhood. No way whatsoever. When, I hear "Maj, Majey, Hey Maj" in my ear.

After wiping the drool from my mouth Mum told me that she's a little excited about a job prospect/oppourtunity/fun fun fun idea thats in the works and I have been invited to partake in... turns out someone in this world likes my writing. Honest to Blog!
OMG I am excited now.
I started to whisper the news to Pede and she lifted her head up an inch and told me to (rhymes with truck) off!
Well I never.
Details to follow my loyal fans.
I love you all.
xx Major

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Sunday, 25 April 2010

Getting Clean with the Duchess

Visit my fellow DANE for the rules on entering her Spring-clean-a-thon.
Last day of competition today so hurry.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Does my bum look big in this?

So my new coat arrived everybody and can I just say Im feeling a little underwhelmed.
Not dissapointed so much, but much like when you buy a new pair of socks.
Its not exciting right? Its practical.
My jacket. Its practical.
Sure. It was exciting opening the package but then I put it on and its a lillte, how do you
So I have a practical jacket.
Yay for me.
Great concept, a jacket that is longer in the back but it doesnt contour to my curvy behind and honestly I feel it was made to measure yea and that's all good, HOWEVER theres made to measure=couture right? But my jacket this winter was made to my measurements without adding any inches its a damn snug fit. Thats pretty much it. I hope I dont grow.

And in regards to the title question....when Mum helped me put my new jacket on, Cheescake stated that: "It looks like a dress Majey!"

An unimpressed Maj xx

Thursday, 22 April 2010


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Im in a really annoying mood

Its partially Mum's fault. She took me to the beach early this morning and now Im tired and I feel like enjoying watching your face cringe when I talk like DIS.....

Yo Yo yo, boyz and me laydies!
Introducing me homegirl: It's miz T on the axi Ya'll!
Number 1 dawg in my crew ya dig?
Our am was wack ya hear. We ran that beach homes. It was fresh out dere dis morning.
My couz Mis T- axi and I had a dope time playin like the players we is.
Her Mumma and my mumma and even my babygirl Miz Cookie got in on the beachday action dawgz.
Hope your day was as trippin as mine,
Hollaback when ya can ya digs?
xx Maj izzle fo real!

*sorry about that fo real
if you'd like to check out Taxi's very creative mumma's blog here she is it'll brighten up your day fo sure!

Buckle Up!


Cause we are going to the dog beach....and we are meeting someone special there!
Guess Who?
(IM SO E-X-C-I-T-E-D!!)
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Monday, 19 April 2010

An Apology to Bunny

Thankyou for being the sweetest girl I know.
Life sometimes gets so busy, its hard to remember whats important in life, to take time out to appreciate our friends and I know we are just starting out Bunny but I want you to know I'm so glad You came with me on Saturday night.
I'm sorry if I embarrassed you.
I was trying so hard to impress you.
I hope we can spend time together again soon.
Love Major

How'd you pull up? Im still smashed from saturday night! Lovin it!

Spending the day on the couch trying to recover!

Water. I need water.
I am so dehydrated.
Can I have a drip please? An IV? is there a nurse handy? No Bunny, put your nurses uniform away! I seriously need medical attention.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the painnnnnnnnnnn! Im never drinking again. Ever.
Well, Im not drinking till next years date night ok Twix?
What a huge night. That was so much fun I was almost over my head.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Im still going, so there!

Thats me sticking my big floppy tongue out to you MUM!
I am so still going to Twix's date night. I'm still picking up bunny it the bright pink Hummer Ive hired for her and Im going to wear my rad red cons with my Safari suit. Why?
Because that's the kind of guy I am. Im an original. Im one of a kind and Im going to escape the effing "pet prison", swing by Bunny's pad and take her with me.
Im really not happy.
I just found out that Pede (my sister) is'nt coming to the (wonderful, fantastico!Sure) pet motel with me. WTF? Hmmmmmm Shes staying at Dads partents place ("the outlaws"). So unfair.
All the NoMs in the world is not going to make this better Mum. Food is not love. We learnt that in therapy already!
xx M

*note from MUm: Maj is attending date night at Twix's we may just be a little late to post...sorry, he's so excited guys, and Im sure he'll be on his best behaviour x

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Am I Ok with this?

Mum just told me that her and Dad are going away for the weekend. Its a romantic break away from our 4 little people to celebrate their wedding anniversary. I totally get this. Im cool with it. Big sissy Pede and I will hang out here, OMG we will be left alone for the weekend.
PARTY AT OUR HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What did you say Mum? *choke* *cough* BOL You must be joking.
WTF is a pet motel? No. I don't think I'll love it.

Large grassed exercise area ?
Daily, fresh home-cooked meals ?
24 hour piped music ?
Hydrobath on leaving the Complex ?
Separate wing for small dogs?
Hmmm Im warming to the idea.
Can I invite all my friends?
I'll take photos when I get there.
But until then, Pede and I have to talk this over. What to Take? Whats contra ban I wonder? An escape plan maybe?
Worried Major

Sunday, 11 April 2010

We are like this X

Shes thoughtful, caring, creative, playful, a bundle of nervous energy, happy, snugly, SPONTANEOUS, pretty, soft, cheeky and my sometime partner is crime. One of my BFF. Didi I mention shes also my cousin?
We are family....

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Alcohol Intolerence my hairy backside

And that was followed by a "Yewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!" and a crash.

Next morning I find Mum nursing a hangover and a bump to the head.
I'm joking, really. It was NOT that dramatic.
Mum had an "incident" in the midst of the festive season which resulted in said alcohol intolerance. So after 3 months of drinking water just like me, her doctor actually advised her to TRY THE BOOZE AGAIN!
So she did. I clearly got caught up in the middle of these shenanigans. (Dadddddddddddd???!!!)
How embarrassing Mum.

Friday, 9 April 2010

She said YES

Bunny said yes. She has agreed to come with me to Twix's date night.

I have to be on my best behaviour and be very gentle with her, shes a delicate thing. And sooooooooo beautiful. Mum says I'm acting like a smitten kitten!

Get on board, come along, visit Twix and sign up for date night. Find a girl you like and take the plunge. Ask her. I'm pretty sure it BYO (bring your own.....) bones? NOMs? Beer?
xx Major

Dress Ups

THIS was what I woke up to.....
As I said Mums having a few technical difficulties loading photos.
I had a great 2nd birthday.Thanks guys !

Let them eat CAKE!

No Mum did not let them eat cake because it was all for ME!
OMG what a funny day Ive had!
I suspected smething was going on when I woke up to Pede dressed like this.
(Mums having drams attching photos today!)
my little people dressed up too. Cheesecake came as Mrs Claus, Theres Mudpie, I think shes the angel and my Cookie is Indian?
Mum gave a pigs ear(my favourite) and a huge marrow bone, I cannot move right now after THE cake!

Then Mum wished me Happy Birthday and we walked to the shop to get "supplies" Hmmm.

I returned to a super fantastic party my little people had organised and Pede and I ate cake and I got plenty of hugs.
Im going to have a trampoline a bit later to work off this indulgent day!
Gotta keep trim and fighting fit.
I was a superhero today...did you like my cape? And we think Pede is starting to lose it a little shes almost 98 in human years you know!
Thanks for a great day Mum. I love you.
xx Major

Thursday, 8 April 2010

SHHHHHH! Its a Surprise...

Hi all,
Majors Mum here.
We are planning a suprise tomorrow for Major. Im pretty sure he's forgotton he is turning two. Its been hectic here with the girls on school holidays and Maj is probably feeling a little overwhelmed with eveyone at home all day; having to share the love and cuddles around Im sure can be exhausting on our boy. My eldest daughter Cheesecake decided we should show our appreciation and throw Majey a party. So fingers crossed we can keep it hush hush til then. You are all invited and remeber its dress up! Come as whatever and whoever you like!
See you tomorrow xx
Majors Mum