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Thursday, 27 May 2010

Indecent Proposal, Irresonable request, Irrational Thinking

I asked Mum yesterday if I could drive the car this time.

She told me she had a better idea.

That. My friends. Was a little slice of Heaven.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Are you for it? Are you against it? I'm torn.

Ok. So friends I have a new friend.
Read on before you shout WTF MAJOR?!

Meet Zacary Rabbit from and make sure you tell him I sent you and try to make it clear if we are for or against. Obviously Im not trying to persuade you either way.

I like what Zacary is up to. I think he is a creative bunny with a great story and honestly, I was happy to leave him there at his blog and go on with my day satisfied that I'd had a little laugh to myself and then move on. But then I read something that caught my eye. This was the part that confused me.

So Zac Bunny is looking for donations for the creation of his book or "future transplant stuffings".

I'm going to remain a fan of Zacary. Hes an original in my eyes. But show me another plushy and let me up close and dude, seriously, I would not be paying to put the stuffing back in, thats for sure.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Did I give you an award?

Trying to catch up on the posting today so I'm sorry if mygreatdaneisinlovewithme is burning you re eyes right now, but since the caffine in my coffee is working, lets just carry on shall we? Ok

I received a lovely and most attractive award, from my most lovely and attractive girl ...BUNNY! Thank you miss Bunny I hope life at is treating you like the princess you are. The idea is to paw this baby forward , so here it goes...

2. Kathleen and Cloud at they are working on Pede's portrait, very exciting!

3. Mayzie at mostly cause I missed your birthday, sorry

4. The Pittie Pack you guys crack me up

5. Kimmy at because her cupcakes make my Mum squeal (go on you'll love them:)

6. Brutus cause you remind me of a happy sultana.

7. The Booker man and his Sister Asa at cause we think alike.

Now I gotta try to tell you guys that Ive given you an award. Well, pass it on to seven of your friends if you like and have an awesome day xx Love Major

Male Model Majors Most Memorable Musing Mostly Mums Musings MKay?

Seriously I had such a fun day on Sunday. I met up with Rod the pet photographer, the same Rod we are working for, helping him to write a most awesome book about DOGS! (stay tuned for launch...later in the year)

If you want to see our photos, the stars, the mayhem( who thought tying all of us up on the one pole was a good idea?) (bad bad bad idea!) and the cuteness of my human sisters, clink on link to Gallery (Tani's day on the Gold Coast) you can even rate the times!

I must say my cousin Rocksta stole the show and he really lived up to his name, the boy is destined for greatness!

Also you might notice that my baby doll human "Cookie" was MIA, Mum decided a big day at the park would been a bit too draining for a little one like her, especially now shes teething and we are all a little tired from her crying. Geez, I'm glad Ive got all my teeth!

Sending love and hugs to Max's Momma and Kim, Maguire's Momma, your boys were so special and I am thinking of you.

Lots of love Major x
P.S the handsome black dog is Trigger, he's of the Mafia kind I think, I'd certainly call him up if i needed protection. Badass right? Oh yea and that is my cousin Taxi too with her Dad, meet, Uncle Peter :)


I have not had a chance to read every ones blogs yet, and I have a dreaded feeling about whats to come...I can see allot of Max titles and I don't want it to be true. I feel your heart is breaking Max Momma and I want to hold your hand. Im heading over to your place now xx Maj

Friday, 21 May 2010

Be back soon

We are just really busy at the moment. Mum says I can blog like crazy next week but until I catch up on visiting all my friends I won't feel like I deserve to be a part of my own community.

So I promise a very exciting post on Monday and I can't wait to read about what you have all been up to.

Mum says I need a bath and then we are heading to meet the our new pal dog photographer, Rod.
xxx Maj

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

He took me by suprise

Pede must have known there was a plan...Cheeky Maj!
XX love Mum


I'd been trying to give my Mum a kiss all evening and so tonight when she was helping me into my pyjamas I let a smacker fly and SMOOCH!
I got her!
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Monday, 17 May 2010

Silent Sunday

Wating for Dad to crank the BBQ behind me so I can snuggle up next to it and get warm. BTW Mum, Im sleeping in tonight.
In your bed.
(No Maj, but you can sleep in the lounge room ok?) xx
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Baby its cold out side

So the world has Bieber fever.
I just feel like I have a fever.
I live in Australia. On the east coast, in fact I live so close to the Queensland border that I can be stripped off and at the beach before the next song finishes on the radio in my car.
So what is it with frost on the grass in my front yard and my Mum dressing me like a 15 year old human boy from the hood?
Its approaching winter people and all I can say about that is "Brrrrr" and " Get me some pants please."
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Wednesday, 12 May 2010


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A bigger bite of the Cookie

A few more photos of my little bestie, Cookie.

Yes Mum know how to turn a photo,however once turned they still seem to upload sideways again. While this is rather annoying, she has yet to find a solution, ideas?
Kissing is fine. Licking is a bit much and thats kind of when the party ends. Mum says its weird.

See how she doesn't know I'm behind her? Cheeky Cookie!

My paws and her teeny tiny human hands.

* * * * *
There was a confrontational almost standoffish moment there when I was convinced my scrambled egg breakfast would most certainly disappear in to the realms of the black hole that is the Cookie's mouth but Hurrah! my lovely Mum saved the day and promptly whisked Miss Cookaracha away for a bath and her morning nap. Leaving me and Mum to have timeout and chat about the pain of writer's block, the Global financial Crisis and what was for lunch.

Computer Malfunction by Mum

Monday, 10 May 2010

Life or something.

So many questions floating around my head today. I wish I had the answers.

This much i know is true. Life is a circle. Yes, the circle of life.

I remember Mum telling me that my Angel brother Braisey passed on just 3 short weeks before my little human 'Cookie' was born. My Mum had just put Braise to rest in a garden in our yard and planted beautiful flowers in his memory when life continued on its way as it does.

Little 'Cookie' was born at home and Mum was able to take her that same morning to visit Braise's final resting place and tell him all about the new baby.

Although the pain of losing her best friend was so new, so too was the little baby in her arms and the pain was less fierce and much more gentle.

Mum and Dad adopted me just 5 months later and I was told from the very beginning that I wasn't here as a replacement, but I was here so we (Mum and I) could both have a second chance at that special best friendship.

Anyway, my relationship with baby Cookie was like an atomic bomb had gone off in my heart! I just love her so so much and am enjoying growing up with her.

Goodbye Mate

R.I.P Digby
Thanks for telling me Bunny.
I feel so sad, can we all just hug please:(
I love you guys forever ok.
xx Maj

Our Friend Digby

We just took a stroll to say goodbye to Digby and now Mum is sitting beside me with tears in her eyes.

Sweet Sheepdog Digby is getting closer to heading to Rainbow Bridge, leaving Wilf and his wonderful family behind.

Go visit him for a little while, sit with him quietly and wish him the best.

Mum can relate to having to say good bye to you best friend. Suppout and caring words are what Digby's family need to hear right now.

Love Major.

Monumental Monday

Far Out Brussel Sprout!

How fun was the Pet Blogger Hop?

And what a clever idea, hey I forgot to thank Nigel Buggers, Sola Fide and Fudgepants :) over at so guys, thanks a big round of a paws to you all.

I've met so many new and interesting four leggers from around the globe that there's got to be a party coming up soon we can all get LARGE!
Have a look at my followers and find a picture of someone you dont know, now go say Hi!

Don't forget to tell them you came from me ok.

And make sure you take this golden paw award with you for your trouble. Its my way of telling you I think your AWESOME!

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Be still my heart


Happy Mothers Day.

Love Major x

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Urban Puppy Tags by Nancy

Thankyou Nancy from Urban Puppy
for creating the most amazing handcrafted tags for me and Pede. Mum loves them and I love the jingle I make when I run!
Click on the photo above to get a better look, and please visit Nancy's store to see her other designs.
She made my tag a little bigger (and at no extra cost) because Im such a big boy.
Pede's tag has "I love my dad" on the back.
Mum tried to get a STILL portrait of me, but alas I just wanted to play:)
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Bunny guessed!

And Bunny guessed first. Bunny from you know the girl of my dreams.
Bunny has been my friend for a while now, she always knows the right thing to say and has a heart of gold. Im certain she looked after me at date night and was so forgiving. Pretty much the best 'girl'friend you could ask for.
Hey Bunny you can now add "Most awesome Guesser" to you huge list of personal attributes.
Your Mom has said before how life wouldn't be the same without you and I can honestly say I feel the same way. You rock my boat.
here is a list of words that remind me of you Bunny: wonderful, amazing, special, pretty, friendly,sweet, lovely, terrific, caring, honey, grey-te, far away but o so close, adorable, missed, cute and friend.
* So what was in the package...NEW TAGs! yay!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Can you guess?

Whats in the package I received yesterday?

Go on, guess.

If you do I'll write you a whole post about you!
I'll link to your blog and tell everybody how FANTASTIC you are. (This could be especially exciting if you have a product/service/charity to promote)
Whats in the PARCEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????????????
xx Maj
*The winner of the guessing game will be the FIRST correct guesser :)

Wordless Wednesday take 2

Wordless Wednesday 1 (eye hate to think what happened)

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

To answer your question Mr Nubbin

Mr B Nubbin from what breed Rocksta is...well, first Mama is a Rottweiler and his Papa a Dog De Bordeaux.
So with paws like dinner plates I'm thinking my little mate will be up for a bit of rough play when he grow up. Yeaaaaa Boys Club
Bad boy Bad Boys whatcha goina do whatcha goina do when they come for you....

Introducing our little Rocksta

My baby cousin is home. I'm not allowed to play with him until he has the rest of his shots, but Aunty Jadie came over late last week and brought him with her. I pleaded desperately through the door to please let me play. I managed a quick sniff, mmmmm inhaling that new puppy smell was like candy (well, dried pigs ears perhaps!). Mum says she feels the same way about human babies (well, and puppies).

So his name is Rocksta, we call him Rocky, but I want to call him Squidgy and I'll love him for ever!

Dad managed to fall asleep with Rocky in his arms and while you would imagine I'd be seething with, I told Mum to take a picture. This one's going up on the wall. Awwwwww

xx Maj

Saturday, 1 May 2010

100 posts dedicated to Braise

100 posts.

Some what of a milestone right?

None of it would have been possible without Braise.

Braisey started it all.

Mum's love for the Great Dane, her love of blogging and all the new friends from across the globe we have made.


One day we will play together and until the day I meet you at Rainbow Bridge, I will look after her. OUR Mum.

Thanks mate.

xx Major

if you want to read Braise's story it starts here (go get a cuppa/wine/box of tissues first.)