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Monday, 24 May 2010

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Seriously I had such a fun day on Sunday. I met up with Rod the pet photographer, the same Rod we are working for, helping him to write a most awesome book about DOGS! (stay tuned for launch...later in the year)

If you want to see our photos, the stars, the mayhem( who thought tying all of us up on the one pole was a good idea?) (bad bad bad idea!) and the cuteness of my human sisters, clink on link to Gallery (Tani's day on the Gold Coast) you can even rate the times!

I must say my cousin Rocksta stole the show and he really lived up to his name, the boy is destined for greatness!

Also you might notice that my baby doll human "Cookie" was MIA, Mum decided a big day at the park would been a bit too draining for a little one like her, especially now shes teething and we are all a little tired from her crying. Geez, I'm glad Ive got all my teeth!

Sending love and hugs to Max's Momma and Kim, Maguire's Momma, your boys were so special and I am thinking of you.

Lots of love Major x
P.S the handsome black dog is Trigger, he's of the Mafia kind I think, I'd certainly call him up if i needed protection. Badass right? Oh yea and that is my cousin Taxi too with her Dad, meet, Uncle Peter :)


Sam said...

The photo is great!


houndstooth said...

I can't believe that anyone could be cuter than you, Maj! It's just not possible!

Nice work on the awards, too!


Amy said...

i had a great day with major and the other puppies. my girlfriend taxi couldnt do the jumps but i did! my dad wore a suit. what a wally. love trigger ( badass mafia puppy)