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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Romance Puppies Party

Count me in Romance Puppy!

Sallie from invited us to her Hawaiian Party, well I can't turn an offer like that down, it winter here in Australia so, lock it in Eddy Im there!

Its a fourth of July Luau so pack your bikinis ladies (I mean YOU Bunny;) and come play. Woo Hoo Party Time!
xx Maj
We found this quiz on Tucker's blog and decided to borrow (thanks mate) is his address, if you are not friend already with this big guy, head over there and say HI!
Name and Age: Major ( Taybon Major Magnus) (don't laugh) aged 2
Breed: Great Dane
Nickname: Maj, Big Boy, Brutha
Where did you come from: Originally my parents of course, Mum, Tatiana and Dad KittyHawk. But Mum rescued me from Paul & Jessica who had me til I was 8 weeks old and then after returning to them at aged 1.
Favourite Toy: My Dorothy the dinosaur tail
Favourite Snack: Ham Bones
Worst Habit: Crotch sniffing
Most Embarrassing Moment: Falling off the trampoline
Family Dynamic: Alpha Dog in Training, 2iC, Hmmm Im definatly more important than Claw the Bunny, but I know my Big sister Pede is boss.
Mums favourite thing about me: My gentle nature, especially around the little people.

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

If I had a little finger

After a stern warning and a joint prayer (you know, that my behaviour will improve and to repent my sins and to beg for forgiveness from all of humanity)(blah blah blah)

I happen upon a new awareness... Mum is a sucker. Shes wrapped around my little finger.
xx Major
forgiven and KING of the world! (no ego here:)

Tastes like Chicken....I was a bad dog

Mum says Im only allowed on the computer today because I should tell all my friends Ive been a bad dog.

Mum says I should tell all my friends that I ate a Guinea pig and scared another one STIFF!

Mum says telling you all that Ive been bad will make me think about what I have done and then I will never do it again.


Here is what I think....

#1 There are no more Guinea pigs left in our yard.

#2 If a Guinea Pig just happens to take a stroll through our yard I will ask it politely to leave.

#3 Why would my family want a giant furry rat as a pet anyway?

#4 I did not EAT the little pig, I simply helped it(The Punk)out and of it went. Zooooom! so fast and through the fence, gone.

#5 The other one(lets call him Pigzy) just gave up. I smiled at him (after helping The Punk escape) and he rolled over and put his legs straight up in the air. What a loser.

So. Mum is shaking her head and the little people will be home soon so I'm heading out side to hide under a blanket and THINK about what Ive done.

(Think guinea pig tastes like chicken:)

Monday, 28 June 2010

When it all turns pear shaped

Or better known as ...When the little people get sick.

*Plans go out the window

*Major feels neglected

*The house looks like a bomb hit it

*Mum is frazzled

*The car doesn't leave the driveway

*The day/nights blend together

And the more times you look at a photo, you see it just looks so wrong.
Sorry about that Mum. Pede. Put it away!

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Wordless Wednesday

free range

As a rule I am not the greatest fan of chickens, hence being tied up this morning. Understandably the chickens were in need of a break from being cooped up in the pen for days on end due to the rain. However I am most unappreciative of this restrictive positioning system Mum has inflicted upon me. I much prefer to be free range:)
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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

I miss my Aunty

I'm glad Mum has not yet been able to find her camera lead as their is rather incriminating photos of the two of us Aunty Track embedded deep within the electronical walls of the photo taking, soul stripping, death defying, great Dane + aunty running amok pictures on there.

To anyone else Aunty, lets call her TRACK came for a visit and not only were we captured bouncing on Mum and Dads bed Im pretty sure their are full on mouth kissing photos and even the possibility of nudie runs aswell! (or not) (remember it however you like Track:)

So the moral of this story(or rant)is that I miss you. And watch out Saturday night the 21st of August cause I have all sorts of plans for you my Aunty:) he he he Partners in crime.


Love you.


Monday, 21 June 2010

She Found me and I love her...Cookie x

I smell you...
I taste you...

I kiss you...

I will always protect you.

* from Mum...A huge Great Dane. A thundering force of an animal who can knock me sideways when we play together, he who threatens to smash the shower door down and he who will tear to shreds a towel a shoe and side of beef. 65 + kilograms of MANDOG.
Who is a pussycat, a kitten, a gentle prince when in the presence of Cookie (our 9 month 3 week old preciousness). He is so wrapped around her tiny chubby fingers. They are BFF. xxx

Snot Face

Shhhh I'm hiding!

Oh no!

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Taxi I miss you!

When are you coming to play? Its getting cold now, I dont know if Im that keen for a swim at the beach but why don't we ask or Mums to take us hiking?

Almost a keeper

Aunty Polly and Aunty Ricci (you know cousin Taxi's Mum) found this guy wandering the streets last weekend. Aunty Polly walked around with him for a while pretending she belonged to him, she even called him Sargent (which sounds pretty great with my name dont you think?) but then the council ranger came to collect him and afetr his microchip was scanned his Dad came to pick him up. Drat! I think we would have been great mates. Oh and Mum says she would have named him Falkor:)

He had a sleepover

and it was so much fun!

My cousin Rocksta...we all had a ball with him, I cant wait til he comes back:)

Monday, 14 June 2010

Satin Balls

Get your mind out of the gutter.

Satin Balls is not my Porn Star name. (I can't think of one right now...)

Anyway, Satin Balls are used to help dogs like me (Great Danes) who have trouble putting on and keeping weight on. I can hear all your Mums moaning, ooo I wish I had that problem...however Mum assures me its really hard work (and somewhat heart wrenching) trying to help a dog to gain weight.

There are many variations of this recipe but Mums is listed below. Enjoy:

1kg 3 star mince (beef, pork, lamb, chicken...the fattier the better)

1 large jar of peanut butter

6 egg yolks (I have to thanks the girls in the pen in my yard for these)(love your work girls!)

1 avocado

1 small jar sesame seeds

1 cup white rice

1 large tin tuna (oil and all is fine)

Mix in a huge bowl with HANDS then roll into balls and flatten into patties.

Freeze til you need them.

I'll eat about 6 of these once a day ( I eat 3 meals a day).

In case you were wondering I also have a bowl of porridge or scrambled eggs for breakfast, plus biscuits and another bowl of biscuits with whatever leftover overs my four little girls leave me.

Sunday, 13 June 2010


Pede was not impressed with the conversation. It became a little confrontational with Cookie about her T shirt choice yesterday.
Turns out Dad dressed her and Mum came to my defence by telling him not to play favourites.
Hope your having a nice weekend, I'm heading back to the park ...
xx Maj
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A Country Stroll

Mum, come on catch up....please let me in there to play with the sheep?

Friday, 11 June 2010

BEWARE my dogs might not be as friendly as yours

A favourite blogger of my Mum is Heather Armstrong from, she recently posted this sign on in her local park due to a situation she encountered whilst walking her dogs. Now, I wasn't planning on telling you guys this, cause Mum says it was so embarrassing but in the same breath she stated how pissed off she was. Here's the scoop.
About two weeks ago Mum and I had a lovely walk in our local park. Not a leash free park, but by a creek. Now occasionally I like to take a dip in the creek, a short swim just for the exercise really and the thing is Mum never lets me off the leash (i have an extra long leash for my swims). So I had my swim and I spied a fluffy Husky who looked like someone I knew. Mum gave me permission to walk up and say hello and I over heard her ask the Husky's man if we could approach to say Hi. Well, once we got the Ok I had a quick sniff greet of said Husky and then you know what happen?
ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE! We were fighting like two cats on heat, Mum was in shock, Husky Man did NOTHING and I got dragged by my lead backwards away from the two FREAKS in the park. I honestly don't know what started it only thing is I guess Husky didn't like me and Mum was really cranky at Husky man for not having a leash on Husky. LEASHES on for a reason people.

Thinking I'll borrow Dooce's sign and post it in the park....Grrrrr
Peace & Love xx Maj

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Gentlemen prefer blondes...not

Her blonde phase...

The creative type.

Back in her day my sister Pede was a hairdresser extraordinaire. She won competitions, many title including The Australian Colour Trophy and even did a stint in Paris with some of the world best hair designers. She doesn't remember any of this and these days I'm answering to Billy or Mack or Buddy or whoever she want to call me. Such a bright shining light my sister was and don't get me wrong, occasionally a sense of colour and sparkle reappears and she surprises me and we all smile, if only for a moment.

I stayed home to babysit

While Mum and Dad had a great time at Uncle Craig and Uncle Peter (my twuncles-twin Uncles) birthday party. I stayed home, with alot on my plate mind you.
Now I know turning forty is apparently a huge deal, but leaving me home alone with Cookie for the night has left me a little exhausted. Really, who knew baby's were so much work? After changing her a million times playing peek-a-boo behind the window and having to share dinner with her I thought it'd be over, but then there was rocking her and getting up sing her back to sleep.
Its made me reevaluate my goals in life, reassess what I what from the short time I'm here on this earth and Ive come to the decision that I don't want to have pups of my own.
Good thing that cause Mum told me I'm not able to and adoption in Australia isn't an option to single fathers. Huh? Mum was quite upset at this revelation, you see she loves kids and really wanted to be a Grandmother one day. She told me if I ever change my mind she will help me get a pup for myself. Ha ha. Could you even imagine me as a Dad? Crazy right?xx Maj