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Thursday, 17 June 2010

Almost a keeper

Aunty Polly and Aunty Ricci (you know cousin Taxi's Mum) found this guy wandering the streets last weekend. Aunty Polly walked around with him for a while pretending she belonged to him, she even called him Sargent (which sounds pretty great with my name dont you think?) but then the council ranger came to collect him and afetr his microchip was scanned his Dad came to pick him up. Drat! I think we would have been great mates. Oh and Mum says she would have named him Falkor:)


~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Oh he's a cutie!!! I would have wanted to keep him too (He looks like our Charlie) I'm glad "Aunty Polly and Aunty Ricci" were there to help him find his way home to his family!! :-))

JackDaddy said...

Maybe he can come by and visit and play in your back yard?

Thank goodness for chips!!

Sam said...

What a handsome boy - I'm sure glad he got reunited with his daddy!