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Sunday, 21 December 2008

Getting better

My lovely sister leaving the vet, last week. She goes back on tuesday to have that nasty sling removed.

Our little friends have been nursing her and she is feeling so much better.

I can't wait to play ball, chase birds and yell at the truck that fly up the hill. So much for the quiet life in the country! Love you & miss youxox Braise

Monday, 15 December 2008

Oh lonesome me :(

Considering his real name is 'Lonestar' the title of this post kinda suits this week...

O what a horrendous week we have had, I have to admit to something terrible. We have a dog down. I am entirely at fault for this calamity and if there were a way to repent I would.

I backed over Pede in the venga bus( I am so sorry babe).

She has had her dislocated back leg surgically relocated and is resting and recuperating in her special cordoned off warm (in the corner of our bedroom). I am nursing her, with the help of my three little friend and the husband is devoted to her care when he arrives home after a hard days labour.

So outside of this recovery bubble I sit and write from, the lonely and pining for his 'skin & blister', YA - his big sister!

Anyway, we are getting some one on one time and he is acting more interested (less distracted) than usual, but still attached to my hip and I love him for that. Braises unwavering devotion is monumental, I have a lion bow to my feet, even while I'm at the washing machine....domestic bliss!
Ill keep ya'll updated on Princess Pede's progress xx

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Mr Big

Finally I will have a camera back today, so the visual FEAST that is my gorgeous Dane will be back for your viewing pleasure.

A few of Braise's current stats:

Weight: 70kg

Height: 93cms from shoulder to ground

Tricks: A perfect straight sit, drop, retrieves ball and sometimes drops it, and he has learnt to sit on his mat inside ( when Man about the house is not home).

Its starting to look a lot like xmas and I have been stocking up on the squeaky toys for Mr Big and his Sissy to devour come the 25th.....Fun times!