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Saturday, 19 February 2011

If I had to choose

If I had to choose one colour what colour would I be?
A thought provoking question...
So much riding on this one.
See? My puppy brain turned to mush.  I consider the seriousness of such gibber numerous times a day and this morning, settled on the floor amongst the meticulously arranged(OK, scatted) Cheerios's, I wondered if Cookie might notice if I flicked the channel on the TV over to the morning news.
Bad move.
She flipped her lid and threw a (plastic) spoon at my head.
Now, I didn't flinch, I'm tough and I know staying in this abusive relationship is necessary and no action I can take will benefit me, plus, as sick as it sounds, I like the attention.
My Cookie is 18 months old now and she hurls random objects at me frequently, however, I'm also lunged upon with delightfully full contact cuddles, in equal measure.
Yes, I love her still, more and more every day in fact.
I will watch Playschool and those edible looking Teletubbies for as long as she wants to snuggle with me.
Mum says my 3rd birthday is approaching, which for a giant breed equates roughly to Mum and I being the same age and although still kids at heart, we prefer a little culture and current affairs to ghastly bright toddler toones 24/7.
But back to to choosing my 'colour'....
Defiantly 'highlighter' yellow. You can't miss me. Here I am!