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Monday, 15 December 2008

Oh lonesome me :(

Considering his real name is 'Lonestar' the title of this post kinda suits this week...

O what a horrendous week we have had, I have to admit to something terrible. We have a dog down. I am entirely at fault for this calamity and if there were a way to repent I would.

I backed over Pede in the venga bus( I am so sorry babe).

She has had her dislocated back leg surgically relocated and is resting and recuperating in her special cordoned off warm (in the corner of our bedroom). I am nursing her, with the help of my three little friend and the husband is devoted to her care when he arrives home after a hard days labour.

So outside of this recovery bubble I sit and write from, the lonely and pining for his 'skin & blister', YA - his big sister!

Anyway, we are getting some one on one time and he is acting more interested (less distracted) than usual, but still attached to my hip and I love him for that. Braises unwavering devotion is monumental, I have a lion bow to my feet, even while I'm at the washing machine....domestic bliss!
Ill keep ya'll updated on Princess Pede's progress xx

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