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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

We found this quiz on Tucker's blog and decided to borrow (thanks mate) is his address, if you are not friend already with this big guy, head over there and say HI!
Name and Age: Major ( Taybon Major Magnus) (don't laugh) aged 2
Breed: Great Dane
Nickname: Maj, Big Boy, Brutha
Where did you come from: Originally my parents of course, Mum, Tatiana and Dad KittyHawk. But Mum rescued me from Paul & Jessica who had me til I was 8 weeks old and then after returning to them at aged 1.
Favourite Toy: My Dorothy the dinosaur tail
Favourite Snack: Ham Bones
Worst Habit: Crotch sniffing
Most Embarrassing Moment: Falling off the trampoline
Family Dynamic: Alpha Dog in Training, 2iC, Hmmm Im definatly more important than Claw the Bunny, but I know my Big sister Pede is boss.
Mums favourite thing about me: My gentle nature, especially around the little people.

1 comment:

houndstooth said...

Of COURSE you're more important than Claw the bunny! You are one big, handsome fellow!