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Monday, 17 May 2010

Baby its cold out side

So the world has Bieber fever.
I just feel like I have a fever.
I live in Australia. On the east coast, in fact I live so close to the Queensland border that I can be stripped off and at the beach before the next song finishes on the radio in my car.
So what is it with frost on the grass in my front yard and my Mum dressing me like a 15 year old human boy from the hood?
Its approaching winter people and all I can say about that is "Brrrrr" and " Get me some pants please."
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houndstooth said...

Oh, I'm sorry it's so cold for you! I hope it doesn't get too bad! I like your threads!


Remington said...

Well, we just finished winter and are glad it's gone for awhile! I hope you can find your pants -- keep warm, my friend!

Tiffany Harkleroad said...

LOL@ Bieber fever...

I gave you a blog award from The Tales of Dexter and Nora, check it out!