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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Are you for it? Are you against it? I'm torn.

Ok. So friends I have a new friend.
Read on before you shout WTF MAJOR?!

Meet Zacary Rabbit from and make sure you tell him I sent you and try to make it clear if we are for or against. Obviously Im not trying to persuade you either way.

I like what Zacary is up to. I think he is a creative bunny with a great story and honestly, I was happy to leave him there at his blog and go on with my day satisfied that I'd had a little laugh to myself and then move on. But then I read something that caught my eye. This was the part that confused me.

So Zac Bunny is looking for donations for the creation of his book or "future transplant stuffings".

I'm going to remain a fan of Zacary. Hes an original in my eyes. But show me another plushy and let me up close and dude, seriously, I would not be paying to put the stuffing back in, thats for sure.


houndstooth said...

Lilac would definitely join you in your feelings on the subject, as would my friend Jackson. I don't do a lot of destuffing myself, but I have been known to pull out some fluff if a hole already exists! Your friend is a pretty witty fellow!


Sam said...

I will check him out! You should also visit a blog called "My Milk Toof". I'm not sure what to think of that one either!