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Monday, 10 May 2010

Monumental Monday

Far Out Brussel Sprout!

How fun was the Pet Blogger Hop?

And what a clever idea, hey I forgot to thank Nigel Buggers, Sola Fide and Fudgepants :) over at so guys, thanks a big round of a paws to you all.

I've met so many new and interesting four leggers from around the globe that there's got to be a party coming up soon we can all get LARGE!
Have a look at my followers and find a picture of someone you dont know, now go say Hi!

Don't forget to tell them you came from me ok.

And make sure you take this golden paw award with you for your trouble. Its my way of telling you I think your AWESOME!


houndstooth said...

That's a great idea, Major! It sure was a lot of fun.

Thank you for your concern over my unfortunate tail incident. I had forgiven Dad, and then he kicked me off the bed this morning to make it.


Remington said...

A Golden Paw Award -- how cool is that?

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I love the idea of visiting your followers just to meet some new friends. You seem like a very social and outgoing family...I look forward to getting to know more of your adventures.