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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Can't get enough of my Uncle

Uncle Dags came over........we just get along so well...hes kinda crazy, like me.

I think he'll have to get an awsome Dane like me one day...

OMG!!!!! Like, we could be cousins(woo hoo!)


Freeman said...

Dude, that dog has to stop growing soon ... right?
He is HUGE> he makes craig look small! you should get one of him standing up next to Pete!!

nicola Hooper said...

hello there handsome braise.
my name is nicola, and i own your daddy nitro
i found your blog through google somehow and thought id best leave a comment.
my my my you look so much like your dad Mr Nitro, we would love to see more pics of you

My Sons Mum said...

Hi Nicola! O wow, id love to see what my Dad looks like too...this is a bit like...'find my family' hey? Email my mum on and she can tell you all about the naughty things I get up to!