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Saturday, 16 May 2009

Mumma's Boy

I am happiest when.....

Mum comes out side in old clothes and we play and I can climb all over her and snuggle up.

This morning she came home with a bag of bones for me and Pede.

Im due for a bath, I hope Mum waits tll tomorrow cause its freezing here by 2pm ad I just want my jacket on and to curl up on my bed and chill out with my sister xxx Braise

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Anonymous said...

Man I read the Feral Wombat Blog thinking wrongly that it was yours and that maybe something was wrong with the unborn beauty, thank god when I saw the pictures I knew it wasn't you. You are lookin good hun, and you got no hair still. Mine is spectacular right now, getting so long. Millie is DARLING and so is JC JAMES - I love them so. Nice to see you here.......