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Sunday, 2 August 2009

Ive been Tagged

Nothing to do with the tea bag tag incident that occurred tragically last year...lets forget it ok?
But my super cool Dad Nitro is playing a game of Tag, Im going to go get a few of my friends...
Heres how to play
* Open the folder that contains photos.
* Select any photo in that folder that you haven’t posted previously.
* Post that photo along with the story behind it on your blog.
* Then tag 5 friends.

So here is a moment for my Mum to brag and gush...
It doesnt take to much thought to find words to describe my boy Braisey. Thats not just cause Im a chatterbox at heart, but because he is a huge part of my life.
We have an ever expanding family and I guess at times it might be a little hard to find youre place amongst the crowd. But you know what? I have never in my life come across a creature as loyal, patient, forgiving , trusting, did i say loyal? as my Braise.
Every morning I step outside to take his jacket off, give him a little scratch and more often than not a kiss and cuddle, move his bed closer to the warm suns rays and....I swear in return, its just like stepping foot outside youre backdoor to be greeted by youre number one fan. Sparkling eyes, tongue hanging outa their mouth, stepping side to side with anxiety and just desperately trying to get as close as possible to you. Its a kinda magic - that QUEEN could never know.
Anyway, I guess the short of it is no matter how exhausted my beautiful young family leave me, at the end of the day, I'll spend the brief moment I have reserved especially for my boy, sitting on his bed saying goodnight and will leave energised, knowing tomorrow i'll again feel like a superstar when i step outside my back door.
Thank you Braise, the stars in youre eyes say it all. X I love you too.

Anyways heres whom were going to tag.


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Mrs. Simonsays said...

I'll second that. Often when the house gets so hectic I can't think I slip outside and pick one of my "fans" to take on a walk. We slip away hopefully undetected and they bring me my peace back, just by walking with me silently.