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Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Much better

My sisters looking a whole lot better than last week, don't you think?
After two separate visits to the vet (thankyou Dr Sam) Ive been told she had punctured the side of her gum (inside) on a stick or perhaps a piece of random wire!? and shes had been lucky to get away with such a minor injury.

Pede had been bright and cheerful as ever but Mum noticed that when the side of her face had swollen up to the size of a football, she yelped a little when trying to scat ch it, it was obvious she had to get back in to see the doc.

The vet examined princess Pede and decided to sedate her and jam a huge ass pair of tweezers into her gum to try to retrieve any foreign ob jet, but nothing was found. Now as horrific and gruesome as this sounds Mum reassured me that it had to be done so the kind vet could pay for his next holiday. Only joking (sort of).
Mum told me she watched the whole operation and felt her dream from when she was a seven years old(to become a vet!) was satisfied. Thank god that never happed, who knows what kind of sharpies she'd be prodding me with.
No, I'm happy my Mumma cooks for me and makes little people for me and Pede to play with!

Okbyeseeyoulater xx Braise

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