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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Can't get enough of my Uncle

Uncle Dags came over........we just get along so well...hes kinda crazy, like me.

I think he'll have to get an awsome Dane like me one day...

OMG!!!!! Like, we could be cousins(woo hoo!)

Shes on the mend my friend

My second best girl is making a massive recovery, relaxing and getting pampered, I often catch a glimpse of her parading past the window wearing something mighty fashionable and looking uber-glamerours.

Mum has been doting on me too, Ive been eating so well, more gourmet than usual. Perhaps its guilt that Pede gets to hang inside all day long. Whatever, I m sweet with tasty chow and hugs from my number one missus.

MMMMMMMMM that was delicious...