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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Sorry Dorothy

Im not sorry to my Aunty Polly's favourite Dorothy, of the click your heels together 3 times variety, but Im putting out there a small genuine sorry to Dorothy - the dinosaur. As gastly a thing she is (have you seen this obese, akward, fumbling extinct creature?)I still had no right to enjoy the pain Ive been inflicting on her tail, however absent from her body it may be- and it is! So Mum says that my new toy is "woo, yay, fun Major" the "GET IT!". So I got it. Oh I got it good! And now Im addicted to this tail and its furry goodess in my mouth, against my teeth and the exciting EXCITING possibility that it might just explode if I rip at it a little harder. It is so very exciting!! Now one of my little people decides to tell me this: Dorothy the Dinosaur is a friendly dinosaur. She is green with big yellow spots and wears white gloves and a floppy white hat. She is five dinosaur years old. She loves to eat roses. Dorothy is very wise for her age and is always kind and generous with friends and people she meets. Dude. How bad do I feel. I have her tail. Im just goinmg to curl up on my bed and hide my enjoyment now. Sorry Dorothy. Love Maj x

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DaneDreaming said...

Hi there! Don't feel too bad, that's what alot of dogs do to their stuffies right? I prefer to rip up things I'm not allowed to have, like Mom's hydro bills ((she doesn't want them anyway!!)) or kleenex...My toys are scared ya know? Mom doesn't like my logic but there it is!LOL
Have fun! Luke