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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Any suggestions?

My Mum is looking for a new coat for me for this winter...since I've never owned a coat before Im a little at a loss as to what to expect, but knowing my Mum it'll be something special.
Here are a few I found, I need some help here, its hard to find a coat for a big boy like me.
I hope Mum picks something practical, if anyone has tried a Alpenhitze™ Coat, id love some feedback. We saw them on and they look pretty durable.


Anonymous said...

those coats from all about great danes look good.
i wanna get the boys an all breeds coat from here each this year

brooke said...

this is the coat we got for Darwin:
super affordable and it keeps her decently warm

Anonymous said...

well.... hypothetically of cause.... if a certain friend from around the road was to hand knit a certain great dane a new winter coat.... which colours do you think you would choose maj? xx

Honey the Great Dane said...

Hi Major,

My human got my winter coat from the Greyhound As Pets rescue (back in NZ) - coz they made really nice big coats that were long enough to cover my legs and the right shape for me - coz a lot of dogs coats don't take my deep chest into account but greyhounds are sort of the same general shape as Danes. It is in a lovely leopard print fleece and so warm and ties up nicely around my middle, like a kimino - I can even run in it! It was great because it was a lot cheaper than buying from an American company and the money is going to a good cause too! They custom made it for me coz I'm bigger than the biggest greyhound. I think you must have Greyhound rescue in Australia too so maybe you should check with them. Otherwise you could check out the people I bought mine from GAP NZ.

Honey the Great Dane

Southbaygirl said...

Hi major, it's so nice to meet you!!! But i can't help with a coat! I've never work one and probably wouldn't like it! But they sure do look nice!

Yes I am Australian with an American accent....but no matter what Cattle Dogs Rule!