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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

On the verge of exhaustion

Ive been sick. Ive been tired. Cause Ive been sick.

I'm sorry Ive missed out on so much lately, play dates, parties, family reunions and generally sharing the love between my friends and fan club.

Its not that I need REHAB, however, just a little time to myself would be nice. Even a small closet (or a big closet) where I can close the door behind me (hard to do with paws I must admit) and take some time out to ...Oh I dunno like maybe grasp my knees and rock back and forth perhaps, whilst humming the Serenity Prayer and clamping my eyes shut as tightly as I can and clicking the heels of my Ruby slippers together three times?


Maybe I'm over dramatising.

I just feel like there are too many people in my face all over the place invading my personal SPACE! (Yo)

I guess I should have listened to Mum when she gave that pep talk last week. It went a little something like this.

Mum: " Now Major, the next 16 days all the children will be home from school every day to play with you and keep you company and you are gong to have so much fun. So be sure to rest up and reserve some energy ok?"

Major: "I'm sorry, let me just clarify that with you, you did say every day right Mother?"

Mum: " Yes Major, that's right, be on you re best behaviour please, treat all the kids equally and don't just favour Cookie because they will know then that you have a favourite and that's not very nice. Good Boy. Oh and Major, please don't call me Mother it make me feel like an old lady. I love you. Good Boy."

Major: "Mummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy!"


houndstooth said...

It sounds pretty rough! I hope you make it through!


Anonymous said...

We thought you were having a break for the winter and haven't been checking in - we see Major - that you are not entirely a man of your word and you have been secretly blogging without our knowledge - bad dog :P