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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Not really Wordless Wednesday

Here's the heads up. You can tell when Mum is really busy when we only show our gorgeous face on (silent)Sunday and (wordless)Wednesday. How embarrassing.
Anyway, Ive been spending my mornings when ever Mum is at work playing this game with Pede...
Lets just call it "Don't sit there."
I don't really enjoy this game, Pede made it up and you know she's getting on now and if I have never said it before, you know, out of being respectful toward the elderly and all that, well, i will say it now...
Pede, your a bitch!
Don't laugh. Yes, anatomically speaking, she is a bitch. But let me tell you this old girl has a nasty streak you're all unaware of.
I try to have a chat with her and she's tells me in her charming old lady voice to F OFF! I try to sit down near her and the same thing happens. I hope Mum is reading this and puts Pede in the naughty corner for a while...
xxx Major
P.S the photo takes me back to a happier time, the day I met Dad:)

Hi Guys, yes I read Major's blog.
We think our Pedegirl  might have dog dementia? Anyone else ever experienced this? xxx Major's Mum


JackDaddy said...

Unfortunately, there is such a thing as doggy dementia. There's a lot of information about it on Google.

But then again, she may just be having a bad day!

houndstooth said...

We are dealing with dog dementia right now. I've heard Anipryl (not sure that's the correct spelling) can help, but it's pretty pricey. Rumor has it there will be a generic version available relatively soon here in the States, but I don't know about availability for you. It's worth looking into, though. So far, we've been lucky that the dementia here hasn't evolved into something we can't deal with, and it isn't all the time. It's mostly at night, when I think she's somewhat disoriented anyway.

K9friend said...

I might have a touch of dementia, but Indy is doing fine except for some hearing loss. I guess none of us ages perfectly!


Kari in WeHo said...

we understand the busyness! I sit here on my sunday afternoon playing catchup!

Don't forget, we moved to