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Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Dear Aunty Em Aunty Em

Firstly, my amazing mother has been very pre occupied this last week, attending to the needs of the little people. One in particular who has been totting around wearing a sling which looks so chewable, I am holding my baited (beefy) breath in high hopes that it will be mine to chew to unrecognisability once they are done with it. The sling, not the little person.

Secondly I am happy to play second fiddle to these little humans as I have the capacity to understand the concept of BIRTH ORDER and the way it affects a family as a whole. I will make room in the shed and save a space on the floor for if my mother ever brings home another small person. Pede will just have to shove over.

Thirdly, I recall MS Holla's blog was in abandonment status for over a month just recently. So HA! Double HA HA!

With all that unplesentness out of the way, I hope you are looking after my cousin Bella like the princess she is....damn shame we are related cause I think she is very beautiful. Id like to share a bowl of spaghetti with her( in a Lady and the Tramp kind of way) MWAH Bella!



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Freeman said...

we really are only related by marriage, so a love affair really isn't totally out of the question. No one would think twice about it if we lived in Tasmania???
So i am thinking an internet love affair would be quite PC?
Also i think we should leave it to the internet because quite frankly your size is a little intimidating ... umm if you know what i mean .... hmmm.
It may just be a good thing that i do live in melbourne hehe.
love, your lusting-long distance-lover
Bella xx