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Friday, 29 February 2008

Strong as an Ox

And brave as a bull, my boy is getting H-uge! Weighing in at 50kgs now Braise is well on his weigh(!) to tipping the scales as the biggest creature at our house...if Husband can keep his weight in check (a beautiful blossoming vegie garden helps) our Braisel may pip him at the post as the biggest male in our hood.

Husband tries to keep a firm grip on Alpha Male Status by displaying chest pumping feats of strength and endurance( well ride on mowing IS hard work and DOES take ALL day). But I wonder if there is a sense of competition with the other male of the household. Braise is feeling more secure with his sense of, well, security?
He has undergone pretty intensive guarding (guard dog) training from his big sister Pede who has a thunderous and quite intimidating bark, or so I've been told. Braise's bark is something like this "ARRR ROOOF" and he seems to work on it daily, with plenty of practise, the council workers who have been doing roadworks in our street, the electricity company repairng the lines out the front of our house all last week, our poor new neighbour Mark, random birds, bats and any car that dare enter our driveway ALL cop and earfull of my boy trying out his new trick.

Hes very proud of this new feat and you should SEE Pede's head held high with pride when she watches him bark. He hehe:)

Anyway hope we can get out and about this weekend, a bit of park time or beach time for Braise and Pede. Will keep you posted.

P.S Heres a pic of Braisey one day old...awwwwww


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