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Thursday, 3 July 2008

Teabag or Handbag?

After ignoring the blatently obvious absence of more than 4 months, she will continue to write...
Much to my horror I have discovered that when a male dog is desexted the baggy bit that the fertlie baby making round(BALLS!) shaped thingys came out of is
....left behind???
Big fat WTF!
And moreso, why?
Why do they need it , what is it good for and hello? It looks so so bad.
Braise is going to the vet in 2 hours time to have this surgery and I am planning on begging and pleading with Doc to trim the excess...
I finally have a new phone and camera so will take a photo (of his beautiful face:) this evening. He has again grown alot Ill add his weight later also.
So my question is in a little dog ive heard this bit of skin leftovers be called a whats Brasiey's? Ewwwwwww a handbag.

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