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Thursday, 17 July 2008

Compostable Dog

My hand & arm. Braises enormous gooby floppy chops & throat. Not a pretty picture is it.

So I entered the unknown territory yesterday afternoon of my big boys throat. Not for fun but to try to retrieve a 100% biodegradable compost bag that Mr dirt eating, compost snaffling Dane consumed whilst I was watching and telling him not too.

These bags are home to the daily potato & carrot clippings, used sad looking teabags (not the type previously discussed - last post)and random nail clippings (ewww). When the said bag is full it is laid to rest in a hole in the earth in our front garden.

Its now come to my attention that my dirty nosed young man assumes these care full placed packages are present to HIM. Not so.

On instinct I stupidly and not at all gracefully flung my hand (wedding rings n all) into Braise's mouth and I'm afraid a little down his throat:(

It was gone, the whole funky bag. And my arm was putrid and coated in dog slime. Etchhhherrrrt(spewish noise).

The moral of the story is great Danes swallow shit whole. Its not nice, its just their nature. I'm just great full my rings didn't fall off and I...don't really want to go there.


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