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Thursday, 7 February 2008

Swimming Lessons

Hmmm....Braise is starting to become rather curious about swimming. His big sister Pede is so graceful in the water( once the inital belly flop is over) and he has had many opportunities over the Summer to attempt to swim. I have spent time waist deep coercing him to come play with me by waving a ball or parading his hideous 'row of sausages' toy only a metre away. Yet he remains stedfastlty with four paws on the solid ground. Now Im unaware of any traumatic experience that may have scared him when he was still a baby puppy and living with the lovely Leanne at Arndane so all I can assume is he's just not ready to swim.

Well as Braise's Nanee has gone on a mini vactaion for the weekend, Pede and I have decided it's time. Tomorrow our boy is going to get his first swimming lesson. In his Nanee's POOL!

I must mention that its not like Braise hasn't got his paws wet because he LOVES baths and once tried to rescue me in the pool (I was fine but don't tell him that) and when I turned my back he lept in on top of me NOT TRYING TO SWIM.....will post some pix tomorrow. Go Brasiey Go!


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