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Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Such a tired boy today

The funny thing about Great Dane's is because of their size one would expect such a giant requires a tremendous amount of exercise. This is not the case. Unlike his Mummy ( ah, yes that would be me) who is 5'10 and a bit and NEEDS lots of exercise, or I would be 5'10 and a bit WIDE!

Let me remind you (have I even told you?) Braise is only just 6 months, so he's still a pup and will be youthfullish (a real word I'm sure) until he is about 1 and a half years old. I'm told that Dane's then rapidly enter old age as their life expectancy is not much greater than 8. With this in mind, I feel slightly panicked that I want to get outside and spend every waking second with my baby boy. Instead, I will calmly go now and create a gourmet delight to satisfy his (rapidly) growing body and then I'll persue my after dinner canoodle with my dog. Then maybe my husband. Hmmm maybe if he prepares me a gourmet dinner there would be more after dinner canoodling for him too. "Hey! Husband! You should read Braisey's blog...I'm hungry, you're hungry, its a win win, really."


Macnomes said...

God damn girl, didn`t know it was like!! Get shit together hubby....... Ha ,Ha..

My Sons Mum said...