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Sunday, 31 May 2009

What Up Bella?

Just wanted to share with you some thing Pede and I have been cacking (barking, whatever) over all weekend....thought this would look hot on you cousin Bella!

And since my birthday is coming up, i'd like to put in a request for something like this....

Ive been wondering why you're Mum and Dad don't bring you with them for a visit, ooo I dunno around xmas time maybe? We could play like crazy, I'm sure they'll be to busy with their new human babies.

They wouldn't even notice our new hair.....


I'll just be here waiting, hoping Pede will wake from her old aged coma...maybe i'll get a visit from my new young cousin Taxi sometime soon.

Peace Out x


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Freeman said...

HAHAHA! I have painted Bellas toenails bright red a few times!! Andrew hated it!! hehe, i wait until she has been shaved so you can totally see them.
We have (BH - Before Holly) contemplated flying Bella up with us, but thought i might be too traumatic for us - and the stress that Dad would have would be enough for us not to come back again i think!!!!! haha xx