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Friday, 5 June 2009

watching RAGE (music videos) this morning, I overheard the little people discussing some distant relatives who have become celebritys by appering in numeous clips by the singer 'Lady Gaga'.

Now, Im not at all jealous, I really do prefer the quiet life in the country. And I have an annoying stalker anyway. Try to spot him in the photos below...

Pede and I do our best to ignore him, but all day long he sits and stares at me and my sister,



Anonymous said...

Oh Braise you are just soooo darned handsome, do not worry yourself

Love Nic, Stripe & Daddy Nitro

Anonymous said...

I think i have seen that stalker before..He has been sniffing around my pearly gates too..such a looser. Why cant he find his own friends?? Venus the love goddess xx

Anonymous said...

I feel sad for the stalker, he looks as though he just wants to play :(

My Sons Mum said...

Where is your blog? I'm waiting and dreaming about seeing you x