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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Walking not jumping

Walking not jumping...Maj (M AGE) loves the trampoline. The little people have to quickly zip the safety net up before he elegantly climbs in behind them. No, he doesn't jump as such but it is quite a ridonkulous sight, to see a great dane on a jumperleene nevertheless!
I will get a photo I promise. However the following images are on leaving for a lovely jaunt to the local park. Must say there were no after photos- I didn't think a sweaty Mumma, covered in mud, crying baby girl and one tongue dragging very Very VERY EXCITED hound were really Internet quality shots!
Our boy is sitting obligingly at the gutter (nice word-means kerb) side and walking safely across roads. The baby girl looks on, eyes wide, surely thinking to herself "one day I'm gonna ride that pony!" xx

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