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Monday, 18 January 2010

New Best Friend

Major is growing on all of us.
Major has our family falling in love again. Its such a nice feeling to be rewarded with all this adoration, for what we feel is very little effort. We didn't raise him and we have only been caring for him for such a short time, but he has found hes niche and has become the 8th member of our family with ease.
I wouldn't go as far as saying Maj is an angel (I wont mention his secret shoe fetish) but damn he comes close. Hes well trained, without us having to do any training, hes polite, we don't have to scold him, hes affectionate and just knows his place.
The husband almost half his thumb off last night chopping up the beef fat to mix in with Maj's dinner and who had the most sympathy for him? Not me (well I have had 4 babies, yeooouch!) but our new boy. I know he comforted the husband and helped him by kissing him all over the face. New Best Friend for sure. My great dane is in love with him? Perhaps. xx

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