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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Welcome home Major


He made it home safely and is settling in nicely.

Pede is getting her head around having a new brother from another mother and the chickens now realise they are not ruling the roost after the husband laid two of them to rest yesterday afternoon (R.I.P Shina & Lady Zen)

Claw and Avi (the bunnies) are happy tobe friends with our new big boy and most importantly Major love the kidlets to bits.

After a visit to the creek , we have noticed Maj is a swimmer...woo hoo!

you may notice he is rather lean and we are doing our best to get the muscle on him and a little fat, otherwise incredibly healthy.

We will let him enjoy the scenery and get his bearing and then Ill try my hardest to tap into the awsome sarcastic voice I beleive all danes have. Yay!

Thanks Paul & Jessica for allowing us to have Major. Hes a gentleman. He spent last night sleeping on the floor of our living room while we watched a dvd. What a sweetie he is x


Anonymous said...

So happy to read Major has Arrived Safe and Sound you guys, I Hope he brings you all the happiness in the world and helps heal the broken heart.
Cant wait to see more pics and read more of his adventures

Nic, Stripe & Nitro

Anonymous said...

ohhhh my lordy!!! the paxtons have another giant dog .... named MAJOR... is that because hes major?? And here we were thinking it was safe to return to your yard haha congratulations on your new boy you crazy people xxx luv yas bel