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Sunday, 18 July 2010

Mum for Hire

Hi guys, thought I'd spoil Major's fun for a minute and try something out.

I believe social networking, blogging and the Internet has given so many people wonderful opportunities for worldwide exposure, from gathering support for a cause, getting attention to be able to showcase  your talent discovering  job prospects that were once so difficult to even imagine, let alone find; It is the later that I am interested in.
 I’ve been functioning as a technical writer, freelance writer and consultant as well as blogging about the life of my dog for over 3 years.I love to write with a comedic edge. I would love to help you get started blogging, or help you build a better blog. I offer comprehensive consulting packages to small business owners who need help with blog setup, Internet marketing, and a myriad of other services, based on the client’s individual needs.

I also offer copy writing services. Optimized content is a necessary component of a blog and must be updated on a consistent basis. If you are having a difficult time developing content for your blog, I can assist you with that. I can help you develop or write new content, or polish and edit existing content.
I can write a regular  piece on you blog. Pregnancy, babies, toddlers, kids and dogs are my specialty.

So what happens when you advertise yourself to the world?
Lets see...

Majors Mum

By the way any hot shot ezine or international parenting magazine editor who is falling over yourself to get in touch with me, here is the holy grail of email addresses:

 Yes, I am Mrs Doodikens (thanks for that Husband!)


JackDaddy said...

Best of luck! Maybe you can find a job where lots of travel to really cool places is invovled!

Kari in WeHo said...

hee hee I am snickering at your last comment (the thanks to your husband, I too was almost given an interesting last name)

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